Looking for Dahlia Bee Products?

Looking for Dahlia Bee Products?

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Where is all the Content?

Hey there, friends and fellow curious creatures.

You may have noticed a distinct lack of content here.  At this stage in Dahlia Bee's life, I find myself with little time to run a blog on top of launching this little business, AND working a full time job.

But fear not!

I do manage to stay fairly active on our Facebook page.  There you can find links to some of the research materials I have used.  I will also share what events we are participating in, as well as photos from the markets we have been to.

Check it out now!

Dahlia Bee Facebook Page

As promised, I am working hard to get a comprehensive online store up and running.  Once it is in good shape, the URL will be linked directly to that site.  With your support I may someday be able to devote the time and energy that I would like into this blog.

Thank you for your interest. Your patience will be rewarded!

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